Athletic Association

An Athletic Association is constituted as follows,

  • President - Principal

  • Vice-President - A member on the staff, nominated by the Principal

  • Secretary - Head of the Dept. of Physical Education

The President, Vice-President, Secretary and captains of various Sports Clubs shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Association.

The Executive Committee will discuss all matters connected with the sports activities of the college and send proposals to the Principal for approval. The Principal may accept or modify or repeal the recommendation of the Executive Committee, and his decision shall be final.

There shall be separate clubs for the following:

  • Foot Ball

  • Hockey

  • Volley Ball

  • Tennis

  • Cricket

  • Basket Ball

  • Badminton

  • Hand Ball

  • Track and Field Events

Captains of each club shall be nominated by the Principal on the advice of the Head Department of Physical Education at the beginning of the academic year.

Students of the College are not allowed to enroll in any team outside the college without the written permission of the Principal.