Tourism And Hotel Management

"Tourism" the modern nomenclature of the word 'Travel', has attained unique importance in world trade and enjoys the privilege of being the only trade showing continuous growth even in recession periods. All progressive countries of the world are interested in tourism and it has become a worldwide industry. Four centuries ago, tourism was considered as a minor fiscal menace, but today it has grown to an industry of major social and economic significance. Tourism benefits the economy because it is an invisible export bringing foreign exchange and jobs with it. It is a multimillion dollar activity, the second largest industry after oil and the largest single employer in the world. Tourism brings the much-needed foreign exchange and the industry needs professionals to handle the foreign tourists visiting the country.

Having the dire need of trained personnel in mind, we have started Tourism and Hotel Management as an add-on course to equip the students with the much needed concepts on the culture of India, techniques of travel management, tourism administration, publicity, and hotel management. It also includes modules of French/Russian/Hindi/Spoken English etc. in the course content.

The Post Graduate departments of History, Economics and Malayalam join hands in organizing this course. The course content is designed with due concern on cultural tourism and eco tourism aspects.

Courses Offered

  1. Certificate in Tourism and Hotel Management
  2. Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management
  3. Post diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management


Prof. P. K. Madhusoodanan Nair M.A., B. Ed, D.T.H.M.

Core Faculty
Dr. B. Ravi Kumar M.A., M.Phil,Ph.D
Prof. E. B. Suresh Kumar.M.A, M.Phil.
Dr. P. K. Padma Kumar M.Sc, Ph.D.

Guest Faculty
Mrs. S. Renu M.A.(ENG), M.T.A.
Prof. Prasad Joseph M.A.
Mrs. Manju M.T.A. (Secretary D.T.P.C, Kottayam)
Smt. Gracy Mathew M.T.A.