M.A Hindi

SemesterPart/ PaperTitleInternalExternalTotal
S1IAncient Hindi Poetry I (Early and Riti Period)2575100
IIProse l2575100
IIIHistory of Hindi Literature (Ancient and Medieval Period)2575100
IVShort Stories2575100
VGrammatical Structure of Hindi Language2575100
S2VIAncient Hindi Poetry-II (Bhakti Period)2575100
VIIModern Poetry (upto, and including chayava)2575100
VIIIDrama and One Act Plays2575100
IXTheory of Literature2575100
XHistory of Hindi Literature (Modern Period)2575100
S3XIProse - II2575100
XIIIModern Poetry - II (Post Chayavad)2575100
XIVHistory of Language and Linguistics2575100
XVIndian Literature2575100

ElectiveXVITranslation Theory and Practice2575100
XVII Journalism - Theory and Practice2575100
XVIIIFeminist Literature2575100
XIX Satire (with spl. reference to Harisankara Parsai)2575100
XX Anachali ke Upanyas2575100

Project / Dissertation100100

Comprehensive Viva Voce100100

Grand Total2200