M.A History

SemesterPart/ PaperTitleInternalExternalTotal
S1IApproaches to History2575100
IITransition from pre-state to state societies in Indian History2575100
IIISocial formulations in Kerala till the end of the Perumal Rule2575100
IVRevenue administration in India (AD 1000 - 1800)2575100
VHistory of Social Revolution in the World2575100
S2VIHistory of Social Institutions and Structures of early India2575100
VIISocial Formation of Kerala (AD 1200 - 1800)2575100
VIIIAgriculture - crafts production and exchange in India (AD 1000-1800)2575100
IXPerspectives of Women's History and History of Gender in India2575100
XMaking of the Indian Nation Historical Antecedents2575100
S3XIHistory and Social Theory2575100
XIIHistory of Revolutions and Protest Movements in colonial Kerala2575100
XIIIState and Society in India (1000-1800 AD)2575100
XIVMethods and Techniques of Research2575100
XVKnowledge systems in Pre-Modern India2575100
S4XVIAncient civilizations of West Asia2575100
XVIIHistory of Democratic movements and Institutions in Britain2575100
XVIII Rise of Modern Japan2575100
XIXDiplomatic History of USA2575100
XXContemporary India - Society and Economy
Personal Management


Comprehensive Viva Voce100100

Grand Total2200