M.A Political Science

SemesterPart/ PaperTitleInternalExternalTotal
S1IGreek and Medieval Political Thought2575100
IITheories and concepts of Public adm2575100
IIIIndian Government and Politics2575100
IVModern Political Analysis2575100
VTheory and Practice of International Politics2575100
S2VIModern Western Political Thought2575100
VIIIssues in Indian Administration2575100
VIIIIssues in Indian Politics2575100
IXIssues in International Politics2575100
XComparative Politics2575100
S3XIIndian Political Thought2575100
XIIGovt. and Politics of Kerala2575100
XIIIHuman Rights of India2575100
XIVDecentralisation and Participatory planning in India2575100
XVResearch Methodology2575100
S4XVIGandhian Thought2575100
XVIIAmerican Government and Politics2575100
XVIII Women and Politics2575100
XIXIndia's Foreign Policy2575100
XXComparative Federalism2575100

Project Dissertation100100

Comprehensive Viva Voce100100

Grand Total2200