B.A English Language and Literature

SemesterCourse CodeTitle Contact HoursCredit
IENCN1Communication Skills in English53
External Oral Test1
ENCN2Reading Literature in English43
Common-Second Language 144
ENCR1Methodology of Humanities And Literature64
1 Complementary 1(Sociology)64
IIENCN3Critical Thinking, Academic Writing & Presentation54
ENCN4Musings on Vital Issues43
Common- Second Language 2 44
ENCR2Introduction to the Study of Language and Literature64
1 Complementary 2 (Sociology)64
IIIENCN5Reflections on Indian Policy, Secularism & Sustainable Environment54
Common- Second Language 354
ENCN3Literature and Informatics54
ENCR4Reading Prose44
ENCY12 Complementary 2( Pre-Imperialist Britain)64
IVENCN6Evolution of the Philosophy of Science: Literary Perspectives54
Common- Second Language 454
ENCN5Reading Poetry54
ENCR6Reading Fiction44
ENCY22 Complementary 2 (Cultural impacts of British Imperialism)64
VENCR7Reading Drama64
ENCR8Language and Linguistics54
ENCR9Literary Criticism: Theory and Practice54
ENCR10Postcolonial Literatures54
Open Course (General)44
VIENCR11Women's Literature54
ENCR12Indian Writing54
ENCR13Comparative Literature54
ENCR14American Literature54
Open Course (General)44