B.A History

Semester Course Code Title Inst Hours Credits Total Hours Total Credits
IHCY 01Common English- 1542519
Common English- 243
Common Second Language -144
Core -1-Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science44
1st Complementary- 164
IIHCY 02Common English- 3542519
Common English- 443
Common Second Language -244
Core- 2- Cultural Transitions in Pre-modern Kerala44
1 st Complementary- 264
IIIHCY 03Common English- 5542519
Common Second Language -354
Core -3- Making of Modern Kerala44
2nd Complementary- 364
HCY 04Core- 4-Informatics54
IVHCY 05Common English- 6542519
Common Second Language -454
Core- 5-Understanding the Past44
2nd Complementary 464
HCY 06Core -6- Early Societies in India54
VHCY 07Core-7- Institutions in Pre-colonial India542519
HCY 08Core-8- State and Societies in the Ancient World54
HCY 09Core-9- India: Nation in the Making54
HCY 10Core-10- Trends in Historical Writings54
Open Course54
VIHCY 11Core-11-Issues in Contemporary India542519
HCY 12Core-12-Situating Medieval World54
HCY 13Core-13-Understanding Modern World54
HCY 14Core-14- Capitalism and Colonialism54
HCY 15Core-Choice based43