BCom Degree

SemesterPart/ PaperTitle
ICommon Course 1English
Second Language
Core - 1Business Statistics
Core - 2Modern Banking
Core - 3Business Regulatory Frame work
Common Core - 1Perspectives and Methodology of Business Studies
IICommon Course 2English
Second Language
Core - 4Quantitative techniques for Business Research
Core - 5Principles of Insurance
Core - 6Corporate Regulations and Governance
Common Core - 2Business Communication and Management Information System.
IIICommon Course 3English
Core - 7Marketing Management
Core - 8Financial Accounting
Common Core - 3E-Commerce and General Informatics Business Management
Core - 9Business Management
Core (optional)- 1 Optional course IFinancial management
IVCommon Course 4English
Core - 10Capital Market
Core - 11Corporate Accounting
Common Core - 4Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management
Core - 12Financial Services
Core (optional)- 2 Optional course IIValue Added Tax-Concepts and Practice.
VCore - 13Capital Market
Complementary Course-1Advertising and sales promotion
Core - 14Special Accounting
Core (optional)-3 Optional course III Income tax Law and Practice
Open CoreOpen Stream
VICore - 15Applied Cost Accounting
Complementary Course-2Principles of Business Decisions
Core - 16Practical Auditing
Core - 17Accounting for Managerial Decisions
Core (optional)- 4 Income tax Assessment and Procedure.
Project and Viva (internal).