B.Sc Food Science And Quality Control

BSc Food Science and Quality Control (Self Financing)

SemesterPart/ PaperTitle
IFQ1B51Methodologyin the Discipline of Food Science
FQ1B52Basic Nutrition
FQ1B53Food Chemistry
Complimentary CourseBasic Theoretical and Analytical Chemistry
Animal Diversity
IIFQ1B54Food Microbiology
FQ1B55Food Commodities
FQ1B56Food Preservation Technology
Complimentary CourseBasic Organic Chemistry
Animal Diversity
Volumetric Analysis(Practical)
IIIPost Harvest Technology
Analytical Instrumentation
Food Packaging Materials And Testing
Complimentary CourseAdvanced Inorganic Chemistry
Human Physiology And Immunology
Human Physiology And Immunology(Practical)
IVFood Safety And Quality Assurance
Sensory Evaluation
Management In Food Industry
Complimentary CourseAdvanced Bio-Organic Chemistry
Applied Zoology
Organic Chemistry(Practical)
Applied Zoology(Practical)
VFood Toxicology
Food Analysis and Adulteration Testing
Basic Microbiology
Food Chemistry
Open CourseHuman Health & Nutrition
Industrial Training
VIEntrepreneurship Development
Food Analysis and Adulteration Testing
Food Microbiology
Advanced Food Chemistry
Choice Based CourseFood Engineering