Research Centres

The Departments of Hindi, Malayalam and Zoology are approved Research Centres of the Mahatma Gandhi University which extend guidance to aspiring scholars.

Research Consultancy and Extension

Promotion of Research

Research is one of the major and significant activities of NSS Hindu College,Changanacherry. A Committee for Research Consultancy and Extension (CRCE) is functioning in this institution for the last five years, whose major objectives are to create an environment for active research, promote collaborative research, increase publication output,and give training and motivation to students in order to participate in research related competitive examinations, and to conduct effective consultancy and extension activities beneficial to society. Our institution promotes the faculty participation in research in the following ways.

  • 25 faculty members are having PhD and 3 more submitted their thesis and are waiting for the result. Among them, 14 have acquired PhD by availing FIP offered by UGC.The number of teachers who possess M.Phil is 58.

  • Departments of Zoology, Hindi and Malayalam are having the status of research centres and many students are working for PhD under these centres.

The following teachers are engaged in Research Projects:-

1. Dr. K.N. Viswanathan Nair Malayalam
2. Dr. K.R. Prabhakaran Sanskrit
3. Prof. C.R. Indira Hindi
4. Prof.P Jayasree Hindi
5. Prof. C.S. Ajit Kumar Hindi
6. Prof. Nirmala. S Economics
7. Prof. J. Ushakumari Mathematics
8. Prof. K Unnikrishnan Physics
9. Prof. K. Radhakrishnan Physics
10. Prof. G. Pramod Chemistry
11. Prof. N.G Rajeev Chemistry
12. Prof. R. Rajalakshmy Botany
13. Prof. M. Gopakumar Zoology
14. Prof. P.S. Gopakumar Zoology
15. Prof. M.R. Renuka Zoology
16. Dr. M.R. Venukumar Zoology
17. Dr. B. Geetha Zoology
18. Dr. Sarala.S. Nair Zoology
19. Prof. Sasikala. K Botany
20. Prof. R. Shylaja Mathematics
21. Prof. R. Sasikumar Malayalam
22. Prof. B. Ravikumar Malayalam
23. Prof . V.Rajamohanan Nair Chemistry
24. Dr.K.Girijadevi Mathematics
25. Dr.K.Unnikrishnan Physics
26. Dr.Indulekha Malayalam
27. Prof.Mohanachandran Chemistry

Details of Guides and number of scholars working under them

DepartmentName of the supervising teacherNo. of Research scholars under each supervising teacher
HindiDr. C.S. Rajan6
Dr. A. J. Abraham7
Dr. P.K. Ajithkumar2
Dr. Mathai Mathew1
Dr. Mathew Abraham3
Dr. Balakrishna Chettiyar1
Dr. Ajitha.K.Nair1
Dr. Rema1
MalayalamDr. S. Ramachandran3
Dr. C. P. Leelamma2
Dr. T.R. Muraleedharan Nair2
Dr. C.R. Susheeladevi4
Dr. V.R. Jayasree5
Dr. M. Indulekha4
Dr. K.N.Viswanthan Nair
Dr. K.R.Prabhakaran
ZoologyDr. P.P. Kaimal5
Dr. Bejoy Nandan1
Dr. N. Chandrasekhara Kurup1
PhysicsDr. K.Unnikrishnan5