Attendance and Leave of Absence

1. Promotion to the senior classes & and presentation to the university examination shall be subject to the following conditions.
  a) The student should have earned at least three-fourths of attendance prescribed by the college for the course during the semester.
  b) He/she should have completed the course of instruction to the satisfaction of the college authorities and his/her progress, conduct, and character should have been satisfactory.

2. Students seeking exemption from the rules relating to minimum attendance shall apply for exemption to the university, through the Principal before the due date. Every application for exemption shall be made in the prescribed form accompanied by a challan receipt of a fee depending on the number of days for which exemption is sought. The reason for absence has to be explained. In the case of absence on account of illness medical certificate has also to be furnished. No exemption will be granted to the same student for more than one semester in a course.

3. Absence without a leave letter will not be considered under any circumstances.

4. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each hour.

5. Students shall not be allowed to leave their classrooms without the permission of the teacher. Latecomers shall not enter the class without the permission of the teacher. Serious action will be taken against repeated late coming.

6. During authorised free hours students should make use of the available facilities in the reading rooms or remain silent and work in their halls.

7. Absence without leave, from class, for a period in a session (FN or AN) will be considered absence for half a day.

8. Application for leave should be recommended by the teacher in charge of the group in the prescribed form appended. 

9. Applications for leave on grounds of illness shall be supported by a medical certificate.

10. A student absenting himself/herself from college, with or without leave for more than five consecutive working days shall report to the Principal before attending any class.

11. A student absenting himself/herself from college for fifteen consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation is liable to have his/her name removed from the rolls.

12. A monthly statement of attendance earned by the students will be published on the notice board of the concerned departments. Students shall examine the lists and report to the Tutor/Head of the Department if any discrepancy is noticed.

13. Students who do not have the prescribed minimum attendance without proper reason will not be allowed to appear for the University Examinations.