The Department of History has the oldest higher education traditions in the state of Kerala. It began as a UG program in 1952. The department was promoted to the postgraduate level in 1964, making it the first state-funded college to provide a postgraduate history course. The Department has 9 permanent faculty members with 6 Ph. D. holders and 3 engaged in doctoral programs. The department strives to leverage its student strength for developmental programs and actively encourages its students to participate in community activities. The Department became an approved research center of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala in 2019. The department offers programs at (i) Graduate, (ii) Post-Graduate, and (iii) Doctoral level.



To develop young people who are confident, noble in their thinking, mature in their behaviour, brave in the face of difficulty, and proud of their cultural heritage and history.



  • To establish a solid framework for comprehending the historical processes
  • To offer an environment where people can analyze problems with a critical mindset.
  • To aid in giving interested students greater opportunities for historical study