The Department of Malayalam came into existence along with the establishment of the college in 1947. At first, Malayalam was offered as an additional language. In 1959 BA Malayalam was started as an optional subject. Consequently, PG classes in Malayalam commenced in 1964. In 1988 the department became an approved research center of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala. The Department has 7 permanent faculty members, with 5 Ph.D. holders and 2 engaged in doctoral programs. Courses are offered at (i) Graduate, (ii) Post-Graduate, and (iii) Doctoral level.



  • To improve students’ capacity to communicate in pure Malayalam
  • To develop their comprehension of linguistic and cultural diversity.
  • To foster in students a favorable perception of Malayalam literature.
  • To cultivate in the students a sound mind, a deep spirituality, social awareness, cultural sensitivity, political consciousness, environmental consciousness, psychological equilibrium, and emotional maturity.



  • To stay connected to our deeply ingrained customs that have their origins in Kerala.
  • To improve the standard of instruction and learning in the modern era.
  • To offer guidance for research in language and culture.
  • To create awareness of Kerala’s linguistic and cultural diversity.
  • To uphold and develop our cultural values.
  • To foster student talent in Malayalam literature and to make it more popular.