Computer Lab

The college has got a state of art Computer Lab with LAN link. It has been conceptualised to integrate with college library and departments to enable the college community to get exposed to the various facets of networking and E-learning. Computer literacy programmes for staff and students and various IT courses are offered. Internet facilities are provided in the Computer lab and in the departments to enable Staff and students to get access to the enormous WWW resources. The College computer centre is located in the main block (Room NO: 30) and is fully equipped to cater the needs of the entire students of the college. It has a total area of about 1000 sq. feet. with a mini class room and can accommodate about 40 students at a time. At present there are 17 s including a server in which all are networked. Admission to the computer centre is open to all students. Students are allowed to enter batch wise so that each student gets sufficient time to use the computer. The centre is open from 9am to 5pm. It gives general awareness classes to students and non teaching staff. Co-Ordinator: E.B.Suresh Kumar. Committee Members: Dr.Sujatha.S, Dr.Shyamla, Dr.Suresh Babu.