The degree course in Chemistry was started in the year 1957 with Chemistry as the main and Physics as the subsidiary subject. The qualifying exam for this course was the then pre-university and the duration was two years. This pattern was restructured in 1965 to a three-year course after passing the two-year pre-degree course. In the new system, Mathematics was also introduced as a subsidiary subject. In 1995, the department was upgraded to a postgraduate department with the introduction of an M.Sc. course in Pure Chemistry. The Department has 5 permanent faculty members and all are Ph. D. holders. The Department became an approved research center of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala in 2019. The department offers programs at (i) Graduate, (ii) Post-Graduate, and (iii) Doctoral level.


To ensure academic excellence by encouraging students’ scientific curiosity and research skills through a variety of educational initiatives.


To enhance students’ technical abilities and employment prospects in the chemical industries.