Research Project Minor

In last five years, NSS Hindu College in General has about 5 Major Projects and about 56 Minor Research Projects. The Department of Sciences have DST, ISRO, UGC Funded Minor/ Major Research Projects in particular. Laboratories have been upgraded using DST and UGC grants from time to time.

Details of Ongoing/Completed Projects and Grants Received

Sl.No. Principal Investigator Title of the Project Funding Agency Total Grant
1. Dr Sujatha S
Department of English
Demarginalising the Marginalised: A Comparative Study of the Autobiographies of Dalit Men and Women UGC 1,30,000
2. Priyadarshini.
Department of English
Borders of Identity and culture: – A Study of Kavery Nambisan’s ‘On wings of Butterflies’ UGC 1,00,000
3. Sheethal S. Nair
Department of English
Greening of the syllabus in  undergraudate level – A study of the
relevance of EcoLiteratue and Critical
Theories in Common English Papers
UGC 1,00,000
4. Manju V.S.
Department of English
Urban Legends as  cautionary Cyber Tales – A Resistant Reading UGC 1,10,000
5. Parvathy K.J.
Department of English
Creating Spaces, Exploring the concept  of Ethnicity in Pakistani Memoirs UGC 90,000
6. Binu Kumar
Department of  Economics
Kudumbasree and Economic
UGC 90,000
7. Shoja Rani B.N.
Department of  Economics
Problems and Prospects of Dairy  Farmers in Kerala – A Case study with
Special Reference to Kollam District
UGC 1,35,000
8. K. Shibi
Department of  Economics
Responses from degree students, their teachers  and parents: A case
study of  Thiruvananthapuram
UGC 1,40,000
9. Sreejith P.V.
Department of  Political Sciences
In Migration in Kerala: An exploratory study on the problems of Interstate migrant,  workers in construction sector in Kerala UGC 90,000
10. R. Girija Department of  Political Sciences Women Empowerment at PRI Level in Kerala: Issues and Challenges UGC 1,10,000
11. Maya
Department of English
Reconstruction Genderand Nationalism: A Research in to Egyptian Feminist Autobiographies UGC 1,00,000
12. Sreelatha K.
Department of  Physics
A Detailed Theoritical Study of Some Non Linear Proces in Compounds UGC 80,000
13 Jithin Sankar
Department of  History
The non-Brahmin Identity and Cultural  Syncretism of Kerala : A Case of  Thiruvalla UGC 95,000
14 Remya
Towards Empowering Women: the Role of Kudumbashree micro Enterprises, A study with Special reference to Pattanamthitta District UGC 1,00,000
15 Praveena K Investment in Industrial Physical
infrastructure in Kerala : A case Study of Ernakulam District
UGC 1,15,000
16 Parvathy S Financial Liberalisation, Credit
Delivery and Rural Indebtedness: A Study with Special Reference  to Agricultural Households of  Kuttanadu in Alapuzha District
UGC 1,50,000
17 Sheeba V T Rainwater Harvesting in Kerala: A Case  Study of Kottayam District UGC 80,000
18 K
Empowerment of Women through
MGNREGS: Experience of the Five Grama Panchayats in Mavelikara
UGC 1,19,000
19 Suresh Babu P Changing Status of Tribal Medicine in
Kerala : A Study in Wyanad District
UGC 1,50,000
20 Anandavally
Application of Differential Equations
to Real World System
UGC 1,50,000
21 Dr. Radhika R. Seasonal physicochemical changes on benthic productivity and fishery potential of mangrove ecosystem with special reference to mangalavanam, cochin, kerala UGC 1,00,500