Consultancy & Extension

Many of our teachers share their expertise externally in services like consultancy or as resource persons organizing career guidance programmes and leadership training camps in other institutions and take part as experts in various civic bodies, athletic associations etc. for heralding the protection and preservation of nature. As part of the extension activities, the clubs and associations like the NCC, NSS, Atmayanam, Women’s Cell, Nature Club, Tourism Club,  Health Club, Anti-Narcotic Club, Literary Club etc organize various interactive programmes and play a great role in inculcating moral values, character formation, social commitment, dignity of labour and thereby contribute to the holistic development of students. The extension programmes of the institution can be categorized as Educational, General, Sports Extension and Special Extension. A Committee for Research Consultancy and Extension (CRCE) is functioning in the institution, whose major objectives are to create an environment for active research, promote collaborative research, increase publication output, and give training and motivation to students in order to participate in research related competitive examinations, and to conduct effective consultancy and extension activities beneficial to society.